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What is SAM?

SAM C5 is wireless DIY security made easy and affordable. SAM is a wireless self-activated monitoring security system providing security without costly, long-term contracts. SAM provides you with peace of mind and puts you in the driver’s seat in keeping your loved ones and home secure.

The SAM mobile app makes it easy to monitor your home from anywhere through your smartphone. Based on a pay-per-use platform with a small monthly access fee, SAM allows you to turn your alarm on or off remotely from your smartphone and SAM notifies of security alerts by SMS and voice call, indicating which sensors have been triggered. SAM then leaves it up to the homeowner, to decide whether or not to call emergency services, since most alarms turn out to be false resulting in homeowners being penalized with false alarm fees from emergency response services.

With SAM’s self-activated-monitoring, you are in charge of managing the security of your home and loved ones. 

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